Xibo Client difficulty updating

Xibo clients, installed in various remote site and local site, have difficulty updating and often remain blocked on the splash screen.
Some advice?
At this time I have to force updates, especially for local clients, so quell the same class of server network.
Every morning data is updated (power point slide) and the installed version is Xibo 1.8.2

If players are connected to the CMS, preferably in the same series as the CMS and have no issues with their storage and downloads from CMS then I’d expect that to work correctly.

We’d need to see a status window on the device to be able to tell what could be wrong there.

Since you’ve mentioned splash screen, I assume you’re making changes to the default layout for those displays?
That’s not a perfect solution (default layout should be the as a failsafe in case there are issues with scheduled content and not necessarily as a main layout that you often update.)

What do you do exactly please?