Xibo client connected but does not display anything

Dear Xibo forum,

We have an issue with our Xibo players : they are connected (“logged in” box is ticked), campaigns have been created with proper layouts (preview is OK) but the default image “Xibo” is displayed on the screen, as if nothing had been downloaded.

I have to add that 1. there have been some internet connection issues recently, 2. display status is “downloading content” (but nothing appeard…) and 3. windows client version is 1.7.2 for a 1.7.4 CMS (online).

Thanks in advance for your help,

All the best,


Hi Cedric,

So that’s probably the issue here, if client status is ‘downloading…’ then it means it has/had connection to CMS and ‘knows’ that there is content to download, perhaps since you had internet problems it was interrupted/corrupted and that’s why it wasn’t displayed. Or it is still downloading the content, do you have any large videos there or something like that?

What you could do,
one, update your player to 1.7.4
two, just for test, create a very simple valid layout and schedule it on your device, just to test that CMS-player connection is really fine.
three, after you are done with one and two, schedule your campaign again
four, be happy that it is working or please show us a screenshot of status window on your device (press ‘i’ when Xibo player is running to open status window) and we’ll see what else could be wrong.

Sorry I have been very busy lately…
It was indeed a connection issue.
Thank you !