Xibo Client auto turn on and off based on event scheduled?

Hi Guys,

I am New to xibo and I am running some tests on it and I have been asked to find out if is possible to turn on a client and turn it off just a client after scheduled event finishes.
This is because our company wants to use xibo as Announcements delivery system on Office TV’s.

Is it possible ?

I don’t believe this is possible through xibo itself, but on Windows, I’d imagine it could be done using Task Scheduler to kill or launch the software at specific times. I’m not an expert so I won’t provide example, but I’d imagine it’s easily Google~able.

Hope that helps!

Yes, Xibo can schedule any command. So you need to schedule a command after your event is done to turn off the device (eg. /sbin/shutdown -h now) and either use a network event to “wake” your devices or before you shut down the player, schedule the player to “wake” at a specific time.