Xibo Client Auto Shutdown

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Can you please tell me how do we setup the Xibo client to shutdown automatically during off hours and start in the morning and keep it shut down on the weekends ? We have recently bought it and we are planning to implement it and I am learning it right now, but this is something I need to know ASAP.



So you will want to use shell commands, first you’ll have to enable them:
In CMS, modules page, find and enable shell command module
In CMS, display settings, edit display profile that your device is using, on a advanced tab, tick the ‘Enable Shell Commands’ checkbox.

Now you’ll want to create special layout(s) with shell command module item in a region.
Add the commands you wish to run (it uses cmd.exe)
Schedule that layout on your device

For more information
And Microsoft msdn pages about the commands that can be executed in cmd.

Thank you for your reply sir,

So I use an Android box, so will it accept cmd commands ? And to turn it on automatically, I need to configure Wake ON LAN, right ?

Hmm I am not sure why I thought that you are using Windows client, but the same logic apply to Android client
the difference is that you will use Linux commands.

Shell command module has 2 fields

Self explanatory which one you should use.

Yes sir, but to turn it back ON, the Wake on LAN is to be configured, right ?

Very few (if any) android boxes support WoL (Wake on Lan)
If your android box has its own power management, then great, you can do that then.

Otherwise the best solution is Shell Command to turn it off and physical power switch to turn it on

Is there a way to switch the Auto Startup off on an android device.
I installed the App to for demonstration purposes. But now on activating the device screen Xibo always pop’s up.
Great for Display purpose but no so graet for my tablet.

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Yes, please go to Display settings Page in CMS,
edit display profile that your device is using
Go to Advanced tab
uncheck ‘Start during device start up?’

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