Xibo client 1.7.5 displays black screen

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if you could point me in the right direction.
I have installed xibo client on widows 7 sp1 and added the right parameters to connect to the webserver. I get the confirmation that is connected and ready to use. however, I get a black screen and does not display the default layout.

I am using a virtual webserver currently hosting two websites (Ubuntu 14.04 server distro)

any help much appreciated.

best regard.


So in general CMS is working fine for you, right?

When you installed and connected your Windows player to your CMS it should actually say that it is waiting for administrator (you) approval and not go straight to ‘ready to use’, see here

Other than that could you open status window on your player (press ‘i’) and show it to us?

Hi Peter,

thank you for your replied.
yep, cms working fine. i did accepted and licence the display on the server, sorry i didn’t mention that before.
i will get the status window information, many thanks for your help.

No problem, as you see in some cases it does happen (straight to ready to use) that’s why I asked about it.

Status window should show if there are any errors, if your display can reach the CMS (last accessed, status, logged in columns on Displays page) and if your layout is valid then it should be fine.

Hi Peter,

please find attached a picture of my client information after I press “I”.
it seems that is in the sleeping mode. have I missed something?

thanks for your help in advance.

Are you showing black text on a black background or something like that? There’s no errors there to suggest there’s any other problem.

As it’s the Windows Player, make sure that none of your regions are overlapping.


I am using the default layout that came with the xibo installation.
has text in the middle and a clock at the botton right hand corner.

the client has internet explore 11
windows media player
latest adobe flash
.net framework 3.5.2

I have created a different layout with basic text and the problem persist…
thank for your help much appreciated.

Can you go to the Modules page in the CMS and click Verify All. Then give the Player some time to download any missing files

Hi Alex,

thank you for your support so far, much appreciated.
this is what my modules page looks at the moment, I will way for the player to download any missing files.


hope you are all well.

Just login to my xibo server and the state of some of the modules are in the “x” position under library media. the “Verify All” didn’t work.
good think is that last night, I have managed to get something to display. I used a png picture and the client is now working. if a put a region with a text it doesn’t.

how can I change “x” position to the tick position on my modules page?

All your modules in the screenshot are already enabled. The X in “Library Media” are correct as the Clock etc modules don’t have library files.

The tick in ‘Library media’ is only for modules that need files uploaded to the library ie image, video, pp, flash, font and generic file. So in this aspect I think it looks fine in your CMS.

As for text module, did you use custom font or the regular one?

Perhaps some kind of permissions issue?