XIBO - black screen with powerpoint

Hy there,
i have a big problem with powerpoint in xibo.
If i want to create a powerpoint with xibo, get get only a black screen.
if i want to translate a powerpoint to video it is also black screen.

can anybody help?

What version are you using please?

Is the powerpoint enabled in display settings (display profile)?

hy peter my problem is that i want to play my powerpoint presentation in xibo.

If i import this in wmv => black screen. the reason why i have safe and import it in wmv is that lets play in video.

My version is Xibo Digital Signage Version 1.7.9

Sry i forget - what you mean with " is powerpoint enabled in display settings (display profile) " ?

In Display Settings i can to adjust windows or android profile… Is it possible to add video in this way?

I meant this:

Obviously that’s required if you use PowerPoint on your windows client - you do need to have PowerPoint installed on the device running Xibo for Windows as well.

If it’s converted to a video, then it’s not required to tick that checkbox.

If the video runs fine on Windows Media Player, then it should be fine on the Xibo for Windows as well.

Could you press ‘i’ on your keyboard while Xibo player has focus to show the status window, perhaps that will tell us more about the issue with displaying your video.

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