Xibo and the right settings by client (library path usw.)

Hi, I have now decided to install the Xibo server on a Synology and the client on a Windows computer. The server I could install without problems, the client I do not know how I define nicaber the Library path in the settings. I would like the library on the local machine put on drive E. How would then the Library path look like? E: \ or /…/ ?? Please help me. Because if I einplane a layout then takes on the client just the start screen with the Xibo symbol and remains there even are.

Tis is my .xml:

<ApplicationSettings xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
  <LibraryPath>C:\Users\MM\Documents\Xibo Library</LibraryPath>
  <ProxyUser />
  <ProxyPassword />
  <ProxyDomain />
  <ProxyPort />
  <SplashOverride />
  <ShellCommandAllowList />
  <LogToDiskLocation />
  <CursorStartPosition>Bottom Right</CursorStartPosition>

The client library location just needs to be set to an empty directory on a local hard disk on the Player computer. So we default to using My Documents and that will work fine, but if your E drive is also a local disk then you can use a folder on there instead if you wish.

You absolutely mustn’t try and set it to use the same folder as the server is using for it’s library, or another Player is using.

Hello alex thanks for your answer. But can you tell me gere an exmple for a path for my libeary folder like E:??? Or /???

You kniw what i mean?
I’m absoltly new in this. At once i have onstalled on a pi but change layouts its not fast, then o try ist with my synology as an server. There i have no problems to install it. But i dont no why the layouts not on the client seeing??

Best regards


Well if you made a folder on your E: drive called say XiboLibrary then the path for the Player would be E:\XiboLibrary

It’s completely up to you though. Any empty folder on a local hard drive is fine.

Hey Alex,

ok thanks. And i said i hav installed the server on my synology NAS an when i put following words in my browser example ipNAS/xibo i can go into the xibo webinterface. Ok. So long…then i go to my settings and change the path to library into E:\XiboLibrary is this correct or can i write also E:\xibo for example???

And must i put this path in all my players the same ?

Best regards

P.S. what says my xibo.xml ? is this also O.K.?

The CMS library and the Player library are completely different things.

The CMS library on your Synology box should have been configured when you installed the CMS. You don’t then need to change that setting.

For the Player you can use any empty folder on a local hard drive, so if you want to call that xibo then you can do so.

Ohh o.k. but when i installed the CMS Server on my Synology and i dont know what path i have put it on /media/xibolibrary/

Is this wrong? Please Alex can you give me a rhight path for my synology server library? For my player you have said me.

Thank you


I don’t know how you have your folders structured on your Synology box so I can’t answer the question.

The CMS needs an empty folder during the installation. After the installation, if you want to move to a new location you can but you’ll need to copy over all your existing files from the old CMS library to the new otherwise the CMS won’t work.

Ahh o.k. i have seen …in the player option ist the library path stated C:\Users\MM\Documents\Xibo Library….ok and in this folder are files now.

But what must i stated in the webinterface from the synology. Look at the picture please and say me what path i must stated?

Very thanks


I can’t tell you what to put because I don’t know where you originally configured it to be, or where the storage space is located on your Synology box.

All I can tell you is you configured it during the installation, so it’ll need to be set to wherever you chose during the installation.

If that location isn’t suitable, then you need to manually move the existing server library folder to wherever you do want to put it, and then update that setting to reflect it’s new location.

Sorry i don´t know now! Must this path on my Synology? And when yes how looks like the directory?? \ipNAS\xibo <file:///\ipNAS\xibo%20%20%20%20%20%20%20or%20…> or /…/…

I have problems with \ or /


It’ll be something like


/ is definitely not going to be it!

I’m not familiar with how Synology structure their filesystem so as I said before I simply don’t know what the correct answer is. Asking me over and over isn’t going to change that I’m afraid.

Please initially set it back to whatever you configured it as during the installation process. If you want to move it after that then you can do so but you’ll need to move the files the installer put in there otherwise it won’t work.

Hello Alex

And can you say how i can licenced my Monitors? What must i do?

You licence a player with the CMS by going to the Displays page, editing the Display and changing licensed to yes.

That’s covered in the manual.

OK. Alex much thanks,

but can you say me what this picture obove say?


Hi, alex,

Xibo in now running on two screens perfectly!! J

One question: Where can i change the letters colour for example an ticker?? I have no found this !! Can you say it me please.


Please start a new topic for further questions. I’ll close this thread as you have a working system.