Xibo and SAML integration


I am looking to implement SAML to allow users to login to xibo CMS with AD credentials. I have just a few questions:

  1. In what version of Xibo has SAML been introduced?
  2. In the SAML guide you have here https://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/users_saml.html it mentions editing Settings.php, do I simply edit this file and the changes will apply to CMS?
  3. Will SAML communicate with active directory?
  1. It was introduced in 1.8.0 I believe
  2. You edit settings.php, or settings-custom.php on a Docker installation
  3. It will communicate with any SAML IdP. Active Directory doesn’t implement SAML, but Active Directory Federation Services does, so you would need that installed and setup.
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Very useful information, thank you.