Xibo and Piwigo image gallery

Hi all. I’m trying to implement some random images on Xibo taken from my gallery based on Piwigo.

I have found this script (https://github.com/moy/piwigo-random) that works well on internet Explorer.
I have added embedded page with the code:

<span id="random_image">
  <script type="text/javascript"

I can see the random images on Layout Design and Preview Layout but when i try via Xibo Client it doesn’t work.

Any idea how can i get it working?

Thank you in advance!

Your script source needs to specify the protocol - eg http:// or https://

// implies “use whatever the rest of the page is using”, which file be file:// on the Player (certainly for 1.7 series).

you were right, thank you for quick answer :slight_smile: