Xibo and NovaStar LED displays

We have a two-screen NovaStar installation that consists of two large exterior signs with 544x304 resolution, signs are driven form a Windows10 machine that supports two NovaStar controllers, one for each sign. I’m trying to figure out how to get the Xibo player to “overlay” the NovaStar control software (NovaStar uses their own software called NovaStudio which literally carves out a chunk of the PC screen display as it’s player; anything in that screen are on the PC shows on the LED panel).

I’m wondering if anyone in the community has played with something similar? The NovaStudio software is very limiting while Xibo looks to have many of the features we are looking for specific to managing media campaigns.

Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated!


Hi Robert,

You should be able to specify the size and offset on display settings page -> edit display profile assigned to your player -> location tab.

So you could specify 544x304 Width x Height and then depending if you’d want to move it adjust offset top/left

If there is a different issue here, I am afraid we’d need more details (Personally I didn’t have a pleasure using NovaStar software)

Hi, Peter:

Thanks for responding. I figured that part out and it looks to me like once the player is running that we would en up with the same net effect that we have using the Novastar software. I have this working on a test box right now but we have not actually tried it with our sign. My next challenge is to see if I can get this going x2 as we have 2 signs (north/south) being controlled from the same PC. I’ll post back as I figure it out.


Hi Robert,

I am looking at using this same method for my own displays and am wondering if you had any success with this. Thank you!]



I’m also looking at a way of working with NovaStar LED displays. We actually have two NovaStar displays which have built in media players PSD100’s does anyone know if it’s possible to “play” directly to these from xibo?

Hi all,

We have over 200 LED screens running on the Nova platform but im confused as to the above.

Nova LCT-Mars is the Led control software, for configuring and monitoring of LED screens. This doesn’t have any playback capabilities - thats where Xibo would be used as a content management system. They would be independent.

Nova also has a program called Studio which is an offline (played on a local computer / not online) to display content in a window similar to how Xibo would work.

NovaPluto Manager is for talking to the PSD100 players which act as a content management system similar to Xibo but these run on WindowsCE and as a result cannot support the Xibo client. If you want to continue to use the PSD100 players then look to Nova’s cloud based platform novastar.cloud which is soon to be replaced with their Vinnox platform (very similar to Scala but its a SAAS solution with a monthly charge - due to be release by Q4 2017 with PSD100s)

I don’t have experience with this particular brand, but the LED panels I use have a piece of hardware that basically copies a portion of the input you give it. I use them with Xibo without a problem (doesn’t really matter what you pump into it).

The manufacturer also has plug-in cards for your computer that do this but with Windows-specific software (which I haven’t used given the cost of Windows licenses and management on top of the controllers).

For multiple (different) screens, you can use multiple parts of the screen if your controller allows for that (or whatever software you install on the PC). I usually use 1 or 2 screens but I think the manufacturer makes designs up to 8 channels per HDMI input.

thank you for coming back on this.

Sorry, I was a bit vague on this. We currently use NovaPluto Manager to push content to the PSD100 players, which as you say runs windowsCE. I was wondering if there was a way of using Xibo in a similar way to but instead of Nova Pluto Manager to push content to the PSD100’s so that we could have a single central management for both large and small format LED screens.

Do you use Xibo to manage the content for your Nova LED screens, or Pluto Manager?

Thanks again

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I have similar experience, we’re using MSD300 sending card, MRV330 receiver card, and QiangLi led module to display 1024x384 led screen.
We have replaced NovaStudio with Xibo player and NovaPluto with Xibo CMS.
The player computers are Intel NUCs and Android TV Boxes (eg. Minix Neo X7).
The setup for configuring the led display went ususal as described by NovaLCT-Mars.
To use Xibo first set the resolution of sending card to the resolution supported by both the player computer and the sending card, for example 1080x720, then create new layout with that resolution, then create regions (and media in them) inside 1080x720 layout but not exceeding 1024x384 screen size (eg, can’t have 400x600 region without being truncated).

Hi Robert, you can downloand the NOVASTAR latest controller software and specification of MSD300 sending card at here: http://www.novaledstar.com

We use as well a few Novastar LED-screens. We considered using Xibo for playing content. But we have choosen to stay with Novastudio, because it is much simpler than Xibo. We have a network-share where to content is stored and simply drag-n-drop the content into Novastudio.

We think it would be possible to use Xibo. Because a defined part of the screen is mirrored to the display. If this part is defined within Nova-Mars and Xibo with the same size, there should be no problem (but never tested :wink: ).

But as mentioned, Novastudio is simple and even colleagues with less computer-experience are able to control Novastudio. Xibo is way too complex for such people.