Xibo aks me to download .m3u and .cgi files - Internet Explorer issue


Hello, I am having this issue that our Xibo Windows Client keeps on asking to download the .m3u and .cgi files. In the current layout there is an embedded mp3 player and a camera player. I found that this is an Internet Explorer issue and thus a Xibo issue.

The Xibo preview page in Google Chrome and in Firefox works great. I can see the embedded camera and the embedded mp3 player works fine. There are no files that Xibo asks me to download. But when I preview the same page in Internet explorer it keeps on asking me to download or save the file which doesn’t work since it will download til forever.

In the folder Xibo Libray the client downloads a html file called 220.html. When I open this file it shows the right layout in Chrome and in Firefox but in Internet Explorer the same issue happened.

My Xibo server version is 1.8.9
The client version is 2 R200.

Does anybody have any advice for this issue? Thanks in advance.