Xibo 2.03 Cannot changed playlist order

When I want to change the order of widgets in my playlist I get a message that the list order is not changed. I tried to create a new playlist but there I have the same problem.

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Thank you for your message and for making us aware of this issue. Can you confirm which web browser you are using and the version of that web browser please?

Many Thanks.

I use Firefox as my webbrowser. I noticed that I can change the playlist order in Google Chrome.
I updated to version 2.0.5 because there was fixed a bug that prevented changing the playlistorder in Firefox. This did not work. It started to work after I updated to version 2.1.

Thank you for replying and confirming that upgrading your CMS to 2.1 has resolved the issue. I will make a note of this and pass on the information to the development team.

Many Thanks.