Xibo 1.8 with PHP 7.0.5

I’m looking to install Xibo 1.8 (alpha 3) on a Windows 2012 R2 box which I am looking to run PHP 7.0.5. am I correct in saying I need to install Xibo 1.7.6 then upgrade to 1.8? As 1.8 doesn’t seem to have a installer (install.php)
I have attempted to install 1.7.6, however I don’t pass the check for “MySQL support must be enabled in PHP” as the my sql extension is now deprecated in PHP 7.0.5.
I found a post earlier that mentioned that 1.8 might support PHP 7.0.5, is this correct?

If PHP 7.0.5 is going to be supported in 1.8 would it be possible to create a download with the install.php.

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You don’t need an install.php

1.8 uses a completely different structure to 1.7. If you’re doing a fresh install there’s no need to go to 1.7.6 first. You can fresh install 1.8.0a3 but remember it’s an alpha so it’s not supposed to be used for production.

You should make the web directory your web root and not expose the folders below that. It should work with PHP 7.0.5 but it’s not something we’ve actively tested yet. You’ll also need to get the PHP zmq extension installed for 7.0.5 (if it exists as a binary) if you want to use XMR.

You could be better off waiting for us to release the instructions for running Xibo 1.8 under Docker on Windows. Then all this is taken care of for you.

I’ve done some testing today with PHP7 and 1.8.0-a3

One of the libraries we’re using has some incompatibilities so as it stands today it’s not working I’m afraid. You’ll need to use PHP 5.6 until that’s resolved.

HI Alex
Thanks for you quick reply, I think at this stage I’m going to run with php 5.6 and xibo 1.7.6.

Is there any rough indication when 1.8 may be ready for production?

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