Xibo 1.8 docker - media upload size 2GB, how to change

Dear all,
When I try to upload media it says “This form accepts files up to a maximum size of 2G”

Where do I go and change the media upload size ? I need to make it 1GB.
I have checked the PHP.INI
upload_max_filesize = 2M
post_max_size = 8M

Following are commented in config.env

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

Thank you for your message. You can adjust the commented elements in your config.env file to set the file upload size to what you want.

First make sure to stop or down your Docker CMS. Once it is stopped or down, remove the comment and space in from of the options and change the values to what you would prefer. Save the changes then start or up your Docker CMS again, you should find that the values have now changed.

Many Thanks.

thank you Dan. Where does the value 2GB coming from ?

The original value is built into the Xibo Dockerfile, which you can find a link to here:

Please do not modify the Dockerfile to change those values, it is still best to use the elements in your config.env file.

Many Thanks.

thank you Dan. I wont make changes to the Dockerfile, will do it on config.env

Excellent, thank you for confirming you’ll use the config.env file.

All the best with your Xibo setup!

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan, sorry for re-opening the ticket.
I have ran:
sudo docker-compose down
edited the config.env
sudo docker-compose up -d
however I cannot get the Xibo logon page (it says this site can’t be reached)
I then have to run following two commands to get the logon page
sudo docker start xibo_cms-web_1
sudo docker start xibo_cms-db_1

Does this mean I have a problem with my docker setup ?
Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

Thank you for the message and for letting me know. You should not need to run the start commands you mentioned as the up -d command should ensure your containers are started. How long did you wait for your CMS login page to become available? It can take a short while for the Login page to be accessible after a up command has been run.

EDIT: I can see you have now included a screenshot of the Logs from your terminal, showing that you are running the docker-compose up -d command. You than check if they’re up with the docker ps command a very short while after, approx 20 seconds according to the logs. The next commands suggest you are then running the start commands but I have no idea how long afterwards you are doing that as there is no timestamp.

You could as a test try compose downing your CMS, then try to go to the Login page to make sure the CMS containers are definitely stopped. Then use the up docker-compose up -d command you used before and this time wait for at least 10 minutes to make sure the containers have enough time to start. If you still cannot access your CMS login page, return to the terminal and provide a screenshot of the docker ps --all command results.

Many Thanks.

thank you Dan. 3 minutes 35 seconds after “sudo docker-compose up -d” and I was able to get the logon screen.

That’s really great news, I appreciate you taking the time to test this. More importantly it’s really good to know that there is not an issue with your setup using the compose up command.

Hopefully now you can continue with your Xibo setup without any further issues.

Many Thanks.