Xibo 1.8.9 RSS Not Working


we have updated our Xibo from 1.8.7 to 1.8.9. so far everything went well. Unfortunately, the RSS does not work anymore. It always ran before that … we do not get a message. is the error known?

What is the RSS feed URL that you’re using please?
If you can share it with me, I will try it locally to see if it works and if not I will try to determine why that is.


And now comes the admin area where the RSS should run:

It seems to work just fine in my local CMS and in our Cloud.

Could you please go through the Report Fault wizard?
Perhaps the logs will tell us more.

I sent you the bug report, but I do not know if that worked. Did you get it ?

You seem to be getting curl error 7 and 28 on this feed, which means failed to connect and timeout respectively.

How many displays are trying to access this feed at the more or less the same time?
I think you got one concurrent lock there on getResource as well.

It is also possible that this feed is not reachable all the time perhaps, or that something is blocking the connection to it from your server.

aktuell ein Display. das hat mit 1.8.7 ohne probleme funktioniert. Der Xibo Server wird auch nicht durch einen Proxy aufgehalten. seit dem update auf 1.8.9 ist das problem …