Xibo 1.8.3 waiting to load contents



I was normally using 1.6 version of Xibo and I have prepared a test server to test 1.8.3 version. So, everything worked fine, very fast and easy to manage contents with great features in test server. So I have planned and upgraded Xibo from 1.6 to 1.8.3 in main server. But something is wrong now. Because, contents(users, library, diplays, layouts, etc…) are not loading in web browser. I am waiting approximatelly 5 mins for contents loading. I didn’t faced any problem in Test Server(1.8.3). Both server is in localhost and test server very fast but main server is very slow. We have another user in other country to use Xibo and he cannot see the contents in his browser.
How can we fix this delay could you please help me?


Your CMS is incorrectly installed

You should not have “web” in the URL. Please see the installation guide, specifically the section on preparing the environment.


You’re also running the CMS in a sub directory (/xibo) so you’ll need to edit the web/.htaccess file we ship to take account of that. You need to uncomment the line

RewriteBase /xibo


Hello Alex,

Thank you for your reply.
I will reconfigure the installation as your instruction and installation guide as soon as possible. I will share the results when the configuration done. Thanks again


Hello Alex,
what did the user do wrong here in the picture above?
What would have to be in the browser line so that it is correct?

Should it be like this:

www.domain / xibo / ??