Xibo 1.8.2 Docker for Windows 10 - Media File Upload Abort


I’ve already searched through the forums for a solution to my issue, but haven’t found one.

I have a Xibo 1.8.2 docker container on Windows 10 Enterprise.
I want to upload a 6.7GB media file, so I have increased the following to accommodate the 6.7GB file:

In: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini


I have then restarted my docker container.
When using the CMS to upload the file it uploads the entire file and then appears to hang for a period of time before saying “abort.”

I have checked the Xibo logs in CMS and the Apache logs in the web container /var/log/apache2, but I don’t see any entry with any resemblance to the abort.

Am I missing some logs or forgetting to set something?

Any consideration is greatly appreciated.


Actually, if Xibo 1.8.2 is still running PHP 5.5.9 then that might explain my issue as documented here:


Yes, indeed it does run on 5.5.9.

I believe we will switch to php 7 once that’s supported, instead of moving up the version to any intermediate ones (like 5.6.0 and so on).

You may be interested in this:

Hey Alex,

I’ll be migrating our current solution to Ubuntu next week, I’ll check it out.