Xibo 1.8.12 Calendar Module not working

Xibo version : 1.8.12
Player version : 1.8.12

The calendar module/widget is not working and giving me a blank page.
I’m now using the module/widget from version 1.8.10 which is working right.

This was also in the previous version

What errors do you get?

How have you configured the widget?

I replied to several cases previously for 1.8.11 where the calendar either had no current events in it, or where no merge fields had been input - both of which will cause what you describe.

Some screenshots of your widget setup would be a good start.

I get no errors, everything looks downloaded when I look at the display administration.
The screen with the calendar widget is just blank with no information at all.

I have configured the widget to get the appointments from a shared office365 calendar. When there are no events I configurerd the widget to show a message that there are currently no events. I even changed the textcolor to a color thats vissible on the screen.

It worked till version 1.8.10, the problems begun at version 1.8.11. So I found out which files are from the calendar widget and uploaded those from version 1.8.10 to get the widget working.

Are you able to share the feed with me - privately in a PM if you like - so we can look at this, as it won’t ever be fixed if we can’t see what the problem is.

A downloaded copy of the ical file will be fine if you don’t want to share the original URL.

I’ll send you the link in a PM privatly

I tested the feed URL you sent as it appears to be working as expected from my side.

Thanks! I’m still using the earlier version of the calendar widget and testing Xibo 2 to migrate to.