Xibo 1.8.1 playlists


I’m in the middle of testing out 1.8.1 and was trying to figure out how to get this “playlists” feature working which I had read about when 1.8 was released so that you can keep certain elements the same across multiple layouts so I only need to update content once, or if there is a way to set a schedule for a particular region on one layout ? this is for a screen which features a menu on the side of it which we have achived by having 8 different layouts for the different menus but this can become difficult when it comes to updating the rest of the content

Playlists were not fully implemented in 1.8, we aim to do that with 1.9 release, please see - Playlists Blueprint

ah right sorry I must have misread something previously then.

is there any easier way to do what I’m trying to achieve or is my current method the best way to make this work ?