Xibo 1.7.8 text display

Hello everyone !

I’m new here, on xibo, and I have a problem. I’ve created a layout with images and texts . When I’m on xibo I can see the text thanks to the preview but I can not see it (the text) when I’m on xibo client.
So I would like to know what can I do to fix the problem.
I would like to add that I’ve tried to just put text without images but it does not work.
And I’ve tried to install a new screen but it still doesn’t work.

Thank I would like to add

What CMS and client version are you using please?

Can you install IE 11(if you haven’t already) and Xibo for Windows 1.7.8 (which will do this registry change for you)

After that, please go to Modules page and click the ‘verify all’ give your player some time and it should work just fine.

If it does not work after above steps, then please post a screenshot of status window on your device.

I’m using the last version 1.7.8 on the CMS and the client.
I havn’t IE11 because I have Windows 10 so I’m using Microsoft Edge.

I’ve clicked on “verify all” and it works !
Thank you so much !