Xibo 1.7.8 players blocked or black screen

I’have installed 1 server Xibo 1.7.8 under Windows 7 pro and 6 players 1.7.8 under Windows 7 pro in network in remote agencies. The network uses a proxy. In the starting up, everything was very well, but at the end of 24 hours, the next morning and all other mornings since then, (8 days) certain machines are blocked on a video or an image, and others have a black screen, with obligation of reboot to leave on all these machines. Some other work, but the reliability is random. Players turns 24 hours a day.
For vidéos, I’m using K-Lite, with program Windows Media Classic.
For browser, I’m using Firefox
For information, all the machines are new.
The serveur is an intel core I5, a motherboard Z97 gaming 3 socket 1150, ram 8 gigas, under Windows 7 professional and players are PC gigabyte Brix GB BACE 3000, Intel celeron N3000, ram 4 gigas, under windows7 pro also.
Can you help me please.
In the log of players, (recent log) the error’s message is at this time is :
5178 2016-07-29 07:16:59 Client [UI Thread] VideoPlayer - ErrorEvent C:\Xibo Library\45.mp4. Ex = Le Lecteur Windows Media a rencontré un problème lors de la lecture du fichier.

Xibo for Windows use IE (emulated), so it would be best to have IE 11 installed, 1.7.8 player changes the registry(browser emulation) during installation to use IE 11.

As for videos, any video that plays fine in Windows Media Player (normal one, not classic) should also be fine in Xibo.[quote=“GAK, post:1, topic:6700”]
5178 2016-07-29 07:16:59 Client [UI Thread] VideoPlayer - ErrorEvent C:\Xibo Library\45.mp4. Ex = Windows Media Player has encountered a problem while playing the file.
Make sure all your drivers, codecs etc. are up to date

There seems to be some audio issues related to this error as well.

I’m not quite sure why would it work fine at first and then stop without any changes.

So on some of them it works well?
Any differences between them?

I had problems with Xibo 1.7.4 out of 3 players with Windows Media player and of the videos in black. That was solved with K-lite. During 10 days, the screens functioned constantly and without problem. it was on a tennis tournament. Nevertheless I will try with IE and W Media player. For the players, they all are identical in software and hardware, and certain days, some have problems and not the others. It is really random. I keep you informed

The errors occur only once per 24:00, but always the night. Wouldn’t there be a task of night who can disturb Xibo player? To avoid that, I programmed a planned task Windows to reboot the players every day at the beginning of day (7 hours AM).
I have an identical platform of test with machines and systêmes at home, and I do not have this problem. Do You think that can come from the network, proxy, or specific environment (vnc, teamviewer)?
I hold you informed on the result of these changes. have a good day. Regards

Seems odd, I mean there is nothing in Xibo that would do that, I’m not sure why (and what) could happen each night to cause issues with windows media player and by extension with Xibo.

Videos are in the player’s local library, so it does not need to download them or anything (so probably not network issue).
I guess GPU driver update could cause videos to fail playback (would need to restart player), but I doubt it happens every night. Same if other drivers/windows update it would not happen consistently each night.

Let’s hope that scheduled windows task will help.

Following our trials and problems:
Since last Friday, the 6 machines have been programmed to reboot the morning at 7:30. This morning everything was working normally, but a player who runs like the other a general layout made of images in jpg and mp4 videos has suddenly issued all Black videos; In the logs at the same time, always the same message to each of the video layout.
how do you explain that. This is not a codec problem, since the same videos were played back normally before for hours !!! and when pauses and resumes Xibo, videos are played normally again.
Could you give me a list of different cases in the program, which generate this error message for each video of the layout…
5178 2016-07-29 7:16:59 Client [UI Thread] VideoPlayer - ErrorEvent C: \ Xibo Library \ 45.mp4. Ex = Windows Media Player HAS Encountered a problem while playing the file.
It is as if, suddenly the media player had no more resources to play videos. performance issues, instead of buffer or other? What do you think? Apparently, this problem appears randomly on the players.
the list of issues included in the program for this message would be interesting to examine. Thank you in advance. Regards Gérard

The Windows Player uses an ActiveX component to interface directly with Windows Media Player installed on the host PC. The error message you are seeing in your logs is the ErrorEvent from that ActiveX object, captured and logged in Xibo. When this happens Xibo will immediately try to expire that media item and move on to the next item on the layout region playlist.

The relevant code is here: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient/blob/master/Media/VideoPlayer.cs#L125

We have had problems with KLite in the past which randomly cause videos to crash after a period of time - as if the engine that does the decoding gives up and won’t restart itself. The only reason to use KLite is if you are playing videos with codecs that Windows Media Player does not directly support?

Beyond this I am not sure what to suggest - you could try replacing the WMPlib.dll files with ones specific to your machines?

A few days of silence because of holidays of the team, during whom(which) we let turn players and server, having modified on your advice. That is, organized by internet explorer instead of firefox, and ready of Windows media player instead of K-lite or VLC. During this period, there have been again blockings of the reader media with black screen in a random way.
By researching on the net,I read that there were problems, reading of videos bound with the parameters of the proxy? And the difference with my platform of test which works very well, is that the network in which I installed players is an enterprise network with a proxy.
I think perhaps that it is necessary to look in this direction. What do you think, and which parameters it is necessary to put for WMP etc…

Hello, no réponse for m’y last post.
Did you read it?
Thank you for your new help

Hello , do you think the Windows multimedia class scheduler that runs automatically, can block Windows media player that works with Xibo ?

I don’t see how your proxy configuration can have any bearing on local video playback.

If you’re still getting black screens on 1.7.8, then all I can suggest is that you ensure the computer itself is in good condition (all OS updates installed and up to date, all .net framework updates - including the optional ones, graphics driver updated to the latest available from your GPU manufacturer), and that you check Windows files are all correct (ie run a system file check - sfc /scannow).

Finally I’d run a memory diagnostic - for example memtest86

The problem is not simple, because we are in a corporate network rather important, to connect 12 agencies. The Xibo server and some players, on the principal node, and are considered locally. These players there has any problem, never blocking and of black screen. They are only the players in agencies, in remote, which are blocked with black screen. There is thus somewhere an interaction between the reader Windows media and something which block, but only in remote. The machines are all identical at the material level, drivers, etc … last week, I had a doubt about the service of management of priority of the classes of video reading.
After extensive research , tests, and studies the Event observatory , I thought there might be a conflict with the multimedia class scheduler for Windows …
Next: My question is perhaps about to be confirmed, because there are 8 days, I stopped and disabled the Windows multimedia task scheduling service , and since then no problem . I wait a little to claim victory , but I seriously beginning to believe it, because before I did not exceed 2 days without crash. In this case, the question remains unanswered: why, in remote and not in local ?
I’m waiting again a few day to confirm….
And as we say in french, “je croise les doigts” !!!

Hello , It’s been two weeks that there is no problem. so I think the issue is closed , but without really knowing why Windows Media player was not working in remote discussed with the active service. Could you please give me your opinion on the matter ? Thank you in advance.

I’m afraid I have no knowledge of what that service does, or what the implications of disabling it are.

If everything works for you with it disabled then I’m glad that solves your problem.