Xibo 1.7.8 and Powerpoint


I’m using Xibo 1.7.8 on the Client and on the CMS. I have Windows 10with the CMs ans Windows 7 on the Client. I’ m using Microsoft Office 2007 (not the viewer).
I have a problem, when I try to display a PowerPoint. I have Nothing on the screen and I’ve tried with ppt, pptx and pps, and I have pop-up which says to open or save the file.

And I have to do it with PowerPoint, I don’t want to use a video.

Could you help me to fix this ?


Please have a look here - http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/media_module_powerpoint.html

I’ve already did all the steps of the option 2.

So what is the problem ? What can I do ? Beaucause like I said, I’ve already did all the steps of the option 2., before you asked me to do it !

Thanks, if you really helped me xp
Well, I did it, I can display my Powerpoints !
So, if you’re reading this post and you don’t know how to display your Powerpoints, I can say : YOU ARE SAVE !!
This page is gonna help you (https://answers.launchpad.net/xibo/+question/172118), the 8th message is our answer !
–> "Hi,
Today I just found a solution for the IE9 + Powerpoint 2007 (pptx, ppt) Open/Save/Close repeated dialog box pop-up problem.

  1. Download FileTypesMan Utility From
  2. Launch the software & locate/search (Ctrl + F) for any ppt, pptx, pps extn’s (you use in your xibo layouts).
  3. Select the extension you’d like to change, right click and choose “Edit Selected Extension (F2)”.
  4. Check the “Open this file type immediately after download, without confirmation” under Advanced Options & press Ok.
    You are Done. Next time xibo runs with a ppt layout, it will no longer popup dialog boxes for powerpoint files.
    I hope this help someone encountering this pestering issue.

/!/!\I havn’t dowload on the site which is given in the 8th message but on this page : http://downloads.tomsguide.com/FileTypesMan,0301-33500.html , you choose. /!/!\ /!/!/!\

This are the différents steps that I had to do:

  1. Download the fil on http://downloads.tomsguide.com/FileTypesMan,0301-33500.html ,
  2. Put the file wherever you want,
    3.Extract the file,
  3. Open the file .exe (for me it was FileTypesMan.exe)
  4. Do Ctrl + F and write the extension of your Powerpoint that you want to use in your xibo layouts,
  5. Select the extension you’d like to change, right click and choose “Edit Selected Extension (F2)”, or do F2 or do double left click (always on the extension).
  6. In Advenced Options check “Open this file type immediately after download, without confirmation”
  7. Click on “OK” and it’s done, your powerpoints shoud work now !

I just have a problem with Windows 7 pps, ppt ans pptx works but with Windows 10 (both in Client of course) pps and pptx only works and I don’t know why !

//For the French
Bon pour ceux qui ont du mal avec l’anglais voilà comment j’ai fait:

  1. Télécharger le site avec le lien suivant: http://downloads.tomsguide.com/FileTypesMan,0301-33500.html ,
  2. Placer le téléchargement où vous le souhaitez,
  3. Extraire les fichiers,
  4. Ouvrir le fichier .exe (pour ma part il se nomme FileTypesMan.exe)
  5. Faire Crtl + F et tapez l’extension que vous voulez afficher (l’extension de votre ou vos powerpoint(s)) -c’est un gain de temps si non vous devrez chercher dans tous les fichiers et il y en as je peux vous l’assuerer !-
  6. Clic droitet Edit Select File Type (F2) ou F2 directement ou même double clic (les clics sur votre extension bien sûr).
  7. Dans Advanced Options cochez la case : Open this file type immediately after download, without confirmation.
  8. Cliquez enfin sur Ok et c’est fini, votre powerpoint devrait fonctionner !

J’ai juste un dernier soucis c’es que sous Windiws 7 pps, ppt et pptx fonctionnent, mais sur Windows 10 juste pps et ppt fonctionnent, le pptx ne passe pas, allez-savoir pourquoi !! :stuck_out_tongue: //

Good luck !
//Bon courage pour la suite ! //