Xibo 1.7.6 Fresh Install not showing all regions of a layout

Hi All,

I’m having 2 issues with last Xibo (fresh install).

I did Verify All in the Modules without errors.

1st error: Display times are not correct. For example, in the Last Accessed of a Display example: (12-59-2016 12: ) or (12-1-2016 13: ) both accessed today.

The other one is, I have a layout with grey background, a region with an image, another region with a transparent grey image just top of the image region and the few regions, one with text, other with clock, other with logo and other with rss feed.

In the preview the layout is perfect but when playing with client, only the image is showed without anything else. No transparent grey, no text region, no clock region no logo region and no ticker region.

In the client log nothing is showed, no errors of any kind.

How can I debug this?


First issue:

Please make sure that
a) You have the correct timezone set on the regional tab in CMS settings.
b) What do you have set in date format field?
c) In this particular case, I assume you have ticked the ‘Show International dates?’, you might want to untick that.

Second issue:
I assume you are using the Windows client?
Windows client does not support overlapping regions, so that could be it.
If you’d like to confirm it, please send me your exported layout and I’ll have a look.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your fast reply.

For the first one, its not only the date number problem, its also it doesnt show the minutes.
I have the correct timezone, our date format field is " d-m-Y H:i " and yes, I have ticked international dates. After unticking it, dates come to normal :smile:

For the second issue, yes, im using the windows player. Im going to prepare a linux box for the linux player.
Where can I download it?


Linux player is no longer supported, we wouldn’t recommend it.

If you want supported client that can display overlapping regions, Xibo for Android is the way to go.
List of recommended android devices.

We do want to have linux client, but it will take some time - Replacement Player for the discontinued Ubuntu Python Client
As it is only Windows and Android clients are supported.


I dont have any android device that can do the work. I Know I can buy one, but is not an option for the moment.

Im going to give a try to the unsupported linux client. If it doesnt work for us, we may go for the android one.

Thanks for all the help!

Hi again!

Im having troubles with the Android Version.
The first content of the layout shows fine, but the second one start missing a region.

There are the regions in order.

1.- Image Region with several images (10 secs per image)
2.- Image Region with a transparent grey (10 secs) (to dark the image region)
3.- Text region with 3 different texts (10 secs/text)

The first text shows well as it have a transparent grey image, but when the second text and image comes, the transparent grey dissapear.

In the preview in the CMS shows well.

I’ve sent you something via pm :wink: