Wrong Symbols in Forecast Plugin


here in a layout i have the 5 Day forecast Module wich is edited (like shown hiere in Forum) to show german Day Names - all this works fine.

But my Problem it shows the wrong weather symboles

If i change to 1 Day View everything seem to work fine

You are seeing a difference between “current conditions” and the “daily forecast” - the current conditions right now are 4 degrees - but the daily forecast is 8 degrees - although its really odd that its changed to snow.

If you press the “request forecast” tab on the edit form it will show you the raw data available - a “currently” section and the first of the “daily” section. It would be good to confirm the wi-icon in each case.

Hi Dan

if we talk about the 5 Day forecast - i dont understand why i see here only “Snow Symbol” - or is it not Snow symbol ?

Best regards

It is the snow symbol and it does seem odd - you’ll need to see what is being returned on the forecast tab as the first step (as I said in my prior message).