Windows Xibo Client on Screensaver mode not working in Windows 10 player

I’m not getting able to run Xibo Client 1.8.2 in Screensaver mode in Windows 10. It appears in Windows’ screensaver config window but it just not starts as expected. When I click in preview on configuration, it opens and closes in less than one second.

I’ve tried in two different computers (one with Win10 Pro and other with Win10 Home) and problem is the same in both.

Does anyone make it work on Win10?

Thank you!

Edit: An additional info: When I open the Xibo.scr file in Xibo Client installation file by double clicking on it, it works with no problem.

I assume you did not move mouse or anything like that?

If it’s set as a screensaver with some inactivity time set, does start after this time or also start/close like the preview?


I have a similar problem.I doing scr configuration. running smoothly in preview. but I’m setting 1 min not engaged.

I need emergency support

Same here, but I can set screensaver trigger to 1 minute and it will trigger, but when setting it to 10 mins. it will not trigger. That’s a bit annoying.

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