Windows v. Android Font Differences

I designed my layout in Windows for use on Windows clients. However, we are now using Android clients. Everything looks great in my designer on my Windows laptops, but the font appears differently on the Android displays (smaller). I’m using the native Verdana font in the designer.

Any ideas how I can get the fonts to display the same in my Windows designer and Android displays? I will almost always be editing in Windows, but running production on Android. If I can’t match the font sizes, I run the risk of making a change that looks good in Windows but terrible on all of my displays.

(FYI, I did try uploading the verdana TTF font from my Windows machine as a new font, naming it verdana-ms to differentiate it. It still appears a slightly smaller font size on Android. I’d be happy to use a third-party similar font if I could get it working on both devices. I don’t want to have to root the Android.)

We’ve replied to your ticket.

tl;dr for everybody else.

a) Make sure that display resolutions are the same on your Windows/Android clients
b) Make sure that everything is good permission wise (depending on the web server it might require more or less additional work)
c) ‘Verify all’ routine on Modules page

Screenshot of status window on android device and CMS logs (previously enabled) should also help.