Windows players losing the CMS connection


Hi guys!
any ideas why windows players are losing connection to CMS?
It happens sometimes so,

  • Player stops login to the CMS
  • I login to player and check the connection
  • There i see the CMS address field is replaced with “Localhost” and key also is gone.

I know it is some kind of crash but why it is happening and how do i prevent it?



Can you confirm the following:

  • What version of the Xibo for Windows player are you using?
  • What version of Windows is the Player installed on?
  • What account type is the Player installed under?
  • Is the Windows device being used for any other tasks/applications?

Many Thanks.


Hi Dan,
thanks for the response :slight_smile:
1.8.11 is the version of both player and CMS
Windows 10 pro
Administrator account

Player is not used for anything else.


There is not currently a version 1.8.11 Xibo for Windows Player. Could you check again please? You can find the version of the Player by logging into your CMS, select the Displays option and view the Version column for the Display. You may need to select the Column Visibility button first to allow the Version Column to appear.

This is an issue I have heard other Users have experienced, however I have not been able to replicate it so far. How often is this happening with your Players?

Many Thanks.


Hi Dan,
My apologies, the player is 1.8.10 and CMS is 1.8.11

this is not happening every day, it is very a random issue and does not happen on same player either.
It would be great to know why it happens.


Thank you for confirming the version.

Can you continue to keep me posted and inform me if this happens again? I would recommend making notes of any system changes or updates on your Displays in case this helps to explain the issue.

Also, if it should happen again, can you check the following locations:

C:\users\<The User with Xibo player installed>\Appdata\Roaming\- There should be an XML file at this location named XiboClient. If you open it with a text editor, does it contain the correct CMS information?

Also check your Xibo Library folder and look for a file named hardwarekey. If you open it with a text editor, does it contain the hardware key for the Player?

Many Thanks.


Thank you! :slight_smile:
I will report at next time.


We have had the same issues with a 100 player network, a few players lose CMS configuration every once in a while. We will document next time and submit on this post.


Thanks Marcelo!
Very good to know!


I had this Problem too a few month ago. After loosing the Connection to the cms, the XML-file was empty, but existing.
My solution was to Keep a valid XML-file for each Player to make a quick recovery if needed.

This time the Problem never Comes again after some updates of MS and changing the Player Hardware (the Problem was not the reason to Change the Hardware)