Windows Player "Unable to connect to remote server" - Ubuntu 16.10 server


I am running a virtual image of Ubuntu 16.10 as my server and using Windows 10 as the player (same computer). I successfully configured the CMS portion by following the very helpful documentation provided - Xibo 1.8.0 with Docker on Ubuntu 16.04.

I’ve read all the other threads on this issue, but I am still not able to discern where my problem lies. I have turned off Window’s firewall and Ubuntu’s. I’ve tried entering the CMS Address multiples ways, but to no avail.

The IP address for ubuntu is As I followed the documentation, the default port was changed to 8080 for the web services.

Anyway, I have the Address currently written as such:

(I have also tried localhost, and with and without the :8080 extension, but I get the same message: “Unable to connect to the remote server.”)

Thanks for any help in advanced.

You need to remove the /xibo from your URL.

that’s all it was! thanks so much

for your experience is it possibile running the player using a virtual machine of windows and using Ubuntu server for the CMS? (the contrary of you situation…)