Windows Player: not correct XML (issue)

Hello, recently i am having problems with the Windows Player of Xibo.

I am working with Xibo CMS 1.8.11 with Docker.
A month ago i had installed Xibo Player 1.8.10 and at the beginning it worked ok. Then i had been some weeks without use it, and when i have used it again it doesn’t work.
I proved to reinstall the client, even i removed all files and full reinstalled, but it still doesn’t work.
Finally, i have installed the latest version of client (1.8.12), and i have the same problem.

CMS recognise the player, and i can Authorise it, but later it doesn’t work.
When i run Xibo Player Options and i press Save button, console says:
La respuesta no es código XML correcto.”
(“Answer is not correct XML code”).

I adjunt a screenshot with the advanced log of the launchment (in spanish).

I hope your answer because i don’t know what more to do.

Thanks and regards.

Thank you for your message and the screenshot of the status page.

According to your screenshot, the Player is not able to locate any files needed to display your events. It also does not appear to be able to locate any files in its Library.

I would first recommend checking the Library location you have set for your Player as this is where the files should be. I cannot see the full directory but according to your LibraryAgent Error, it is saying to you that it cannot find the files at the directory C:\Users\Mo...You should first go to the full directory it is telling you about and see if the files are actually there.

Next I would recommend closing the Player and opening the Xibo Player Options application. Make sure that the Library Location, CMS URL and Key are all correct and click Save to confirm. Finally launch the Player again.

Once the Player has been launched, you should check on your CMS that it is connecting. You can confirm that in the Displays option on your CMS under the Logged In and Last Accessed Columns. If your Display is not connecting to your CMS then this would suggest a configuration or connection issue.

If this is the situation you find yourself in please let me know.

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW, thanks for your answer.

Like I said in my first post, CMS recognizes the Player. I have reinstalled the last version of Windows client (1.8.12) and when i save the options in Xibo Player Options i have the message “Answer is not correct XML code”, but Display is registered in CMS (i adjunt an image of this case).

But after this, the Player don’t display any event like you say, and i think that, like you say too, the Player needs some files which i haven’t in the Library path. I adjunt an image of this path too, i remember than it have the contain of a new installation, two Save button of Xibo Player Option pressed and one launchment.

This is the situation. I have thought in upgrade the CMS to last version, but i don’t know if this will solve anything.

I hope your answer, thank you again.

Hello again,

i am still with the same problem. I haven’t could to solve it.
Do you need some more information about that?
I need to solve it please.

Sorry for the re-post, and thank you.

Thank you for your replies, please excuse my delayed reply.

The screenshot you provided from your CMS shows that the Player has a Cloud icon in the Status column, which suggests that the Player has not downloaded the files it needs, which is expected from the information you provided before.

If you are receiving a message stating " Answer is not correct XML code" when you enter the CMS credentials, this suggests that there is an issue with the XML file that will send those credentials to your CMS.

The screenshot of your Xibo Library is also missing a lot of files, such as the js modules and all Layout files. This is again not a surprise as the Status screenshot you originally provided suggests those files are not there.

I have a few suggestions to start our troubleshooting:

  • Can you upgrade your CMS to 1.8.12 to see if this resolves the issue?
  • If this does not work, I would next suggest turning on Audit Logging for that Display. You can do this by selecting the Displays option in your CMS, next clicking the down facing arrow at the end of the Display and choosing Edit from the menu. In the Edit Display manu, click the advanced tab and set a date in the future to “Audit Until”. Save to confirm. It is quite possible that this will not return any logs in the Logs section of your CMS as the Player is clearly having trouble communicating with your CMS but if any errors are received, please pass them on.
  • Below is the location of the XiboClient.xml file, which is where the credentials for your CMS are saved. The AppData directory is hidden so you may need to set hidden files to visible to find it. Can you locate this file and open it with a text editor (Notepad for example). You should be able to see the CMS URL, Key etc. Are the credentials for your CMS correct in this file?


  • If the above does not provide any helpful information, I would next suggest creating an Account on the Xibo website and setting up a trial CMS on our Cloud service. If you then connect your Player to that CMS you can open a ticket with the Xibo help desk so we can take a better look at what is happening when your Player tries to communicate with your CMS.

Many Thanks.

Ok @DanBW, thank you for your answer.

I have tried the 3 first solutions than you have said:

  • I still have the same problem after upgrading my CMS to 1.8.12 version.

  • I have enabled the option “Audit Untill” on the Display, and after that i have launched Xibo Player Options and pressed Save. I adjunt a PDF file with the content of the log:

logXIboCMS.pdf (123.9 KB)

  • The file XiboClient.xml is in the path you said, and here is the code inside:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LibraryPath>C:\Users\Montero\Documents\Xibo Library</LibraryPath>
<ProxyUser /><ProxyPassword /><ProxyDomain /><ProxyPort />

If you can help me any more with those datas would be perfect.
Soon i will prove the trial CMS on Cloud, but meanwhile I hope your answer.
When i had proved that trial i will post here the results.

Thank you for all again.

Hi @DanBW,

I tried to connect to another CMS through local network and i haven’t had any problem.
The Windows client connected ok, like in my own CMS, but after that this time it did displayed the layouts.

And now, i have tried to connect the player to my CMS again, but it persists the same problem.

I wait your answer to my last post if you can help me with the data I sent before testing connect with Xibo CMS in the cloud.

Thank you for all of the information and PDF you provided. I cannot see anything in the logs that would explain this behaviour.

The fact that you were able to connect your Player to a different Local CMS and it downloaded the required files and began showing media suggests there is an issue with the configuration of your original CMS or the environment you are running it on/in.

  • What are the differences between the 2 Local CMSs?
  • Have they been installed differently?
  • Are they on the same local network?
  • Are there any other network devices or firewalls that may stop communication on the first CMS but not the second?

I would recommend comparing the configuration of those 2 CMSs to each other because there clearly must be a difference which is affecting the Player.

As before, you are welcome to create a trial CMS on our cloud service so I can take a closer look.

Many Thanks.

Thank you @DanBW
As to your questions:

  • I do not know right now if exists differences.
  • CMS’s have been installed differently, but before the problem my CMS and my client they two both worked and connected all ok.
  • In our prove, two pc’s was in the same local network. He has a Debian host with CMS installed, and I have accessed it with my client in Windows host. In my computer i have the CMS in Ubuntu virtual machine, and i can access him from Windows host.
  • Before the problem it was working ok, and later i did not installed or modified anything like firewalls or networking rules. Apparently, no changes.

I can’t compare CMS’s configurations until next week. Because that, i have already proved the trial version of the CMS in Cloud. No problem with that. A quick test displaying the default layout and all working correctly.

If you can test something from server, the address of my CMS in Cloud is:

If you need account and password, or some test from my Windows client, please say it to me.
I will compare CMS’s configurations. If i find something relevant, i will say to you.

Thank you again.

Hello again @DanBW,

i repost because i don’t know if you have read my last post, and now i only have 7 days until my Xibo in Cloud free account expires.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and greetings.

My apologies for the delayed reply. I have taken a look at the trial CMS you have created and connected the player to. There are no errors on the Logs and from what you have said, there was no issue connecting to and receiving data from your Cloud CMS trial.

This means that out of 3 different CMSs, your CMS, another CMS and the trial Cloud CMS, you are only having this issue with yours. The issue must be with the configuration of your CMS or the network/environment it is on. What operating System are you running your CMS on?

Have you been able to compare the configuration of your CMS with the other CMS which is working correctly?

Many Thanks.

Thank you for your answer @DanBW.

Finally, i have solved my problem, but it have been the worst possible solution.

I had been comparing the configuration of my CMS with the configuration of my Cloud CMS, and i put the same configuration. But one of those configuration options was my silly mistake. I checked the https option, and my CMS crashed from that. I looked for that in the database and in other configuration files, but i couldn’t solve this, and i was forced to reinstall my CMS.

If you can say to me some place where i can change that option out of the CMS (database, files, etc) i will be thankful. Although i already know than that option i mustn’t check never more.

Then, after i reinstalled the CMS 1.8.12 version in Ubuntu virtual machine, my Windows player in host works ok again with that CMS.
The bad part is than i have lost all my layouts and configurations of modules, because i couldn’t restore my backup due to that option.

For all of this, this thread can be closed, even if it has not been fixed it has been solved.

Lot of thanks for all your help.

Thank you for letting me know, I expected it must be something like that considering your Player was working with other CMSs.

Hopefully this is the end of the issues with your Player and CMS, I hope you are now able to continue setting up your Xibo signage.

Many Thanks.