Windows Overlay not possible but I did it?

Hello Xibo, hello Community,

I am brand new to Xibo because we wanted to try another but easy to use Software for our digital signage clients.
I read the FAQ and noted that it is not possible for Windows but somehow I managed to do it nevertheless. I am trying to upload a picture, too.

My process was to create a new layout, put up a region and scaled it to about 50% of the screen with an video. I did another region next to it with a weather widget. I styled the background colour, overwrote the standard and then resized the video to full HD and put the weather region on the bottom. Now I see the full screen video in the background and overlayed weather region in the front.

What did I do to manage a not working function on my Windows 10 PC?

Best regards

Overlapping regions aren’t supported on Windows. They can work in some scenarios, but they aren’t predictable and often won’t give the same output as the other two Players, or the preview.

We therefore recommend you avoid them currently.

Hi Alex,

so it seems I have found a one-time thing by accident. I don’t use it in general, was just confused about why it worked once and then not the other times.