Windows - Client R308 - Prevent Sleep Dosen't work

CLIENT: Windows R308

Hi guys! I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m testing the new Windows client on my devices and I’ve realized that in some cases, the “Prevent Sleep” function is not working properly. I have 8 players using this version, and in 3 of them, this behavior is being shown.

Points that have already been checked:

  • All those devices were woking well with the version R307 (the olny problem was the CefSharp error).

  • The display profile is configured with the “prevent sleep” checkbox:

Here’s a screenshot of the display taken by the CMS:

To solve the problem, I used the “.vbs” script below:

Set ws = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
    Wscript.Sleep 300
    ws.SendKeys "{F15}" 

Every five minutes, it presses the F5 key and prevents the display from behaving that way.


It’s worth noting that all these devices have power settings set to never block the computer.

Hi Paulo, the team have tried to recreate this but it is all working as expected.

Have you tried comparing the power settings for the 5 that are fine to the 3 that are not to see if there is anything else that may be causing this issue? You could try checking the Windows build version to see if there are any differences? Are they all using the same Windows profile in the CMS?

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Hi Natasha! Thank you for the response.
Yes, all devices are running the same version of Windows… they are actually clones of each other.
They don’t exhibit this behavior in version R307. When I downgrade to that version, everything works correctly (except for the CefSharp Error).
However, when I upgrade to version R308, some of them exhibit this behavior… which is what intrigues me because they all have the exact same configuration and only some of them are affected (and only with version R308).
I’ve tried installing version R308 over R307, or even uninstalling R307 and installing R308 from scratch, and the behavior is the same.
For these cases, I’m using the Caffeine software to prevent the Operating System from locking the screen as we saw above…
Anyway, I believe I’m still one of the first to use R308, so it may happen to other users and we may have more information… otherwise, I’ve applied the temporary solution with the Caffeine software.
Thank you!

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