Windows client not updating/ Cannot get display profile

I have a similar situation
My server is not running on Docker, also XMR is configured correctly.
Some of my screens get updates within 30 seconds
and some never until the XIBO client is restarted.
Same layout and same content diffused however some screens are okay the rest is not.
I even did reinstall windows and disabled firewall on the computer yet no luck.
Please help diagnose the issue and solve it once for all.
I did reconfigure XMR for each display in trouble nothing seems to help.

All machines are running windows 10 latest configurations. Basic install.
Do I need to verify or install .Net 3.5 or 4.xx ? is there any package in addition to xibo client?
By the way my Xibo is 1.8.3 server and my client is 1.8.3 also some clients are on 1.8.9 and working.
In the logs, I see something common between the screens in trouble.
47109 71b5862 2018-04-19 19:38 XMDS POST ERROR Fuj-9533672-1 GetResource Cannot get display profile

That’s rather interesting, it would seem that display profile isn’t set AND the we were unable to set the default one for this display.

Could you go to Displays Settings page, make sure you have 1 display profile set as a default for each type (windows, android, webOS).

Then go to Displays page, edit that display → advanced tab → set the display profile.

In addition it would also be good to update CMS to 1.8.9.

@Peter thank you, that did the trick.

@peter I have installed a new machine with 1.8.9
on this machine I am using the port 9609 for the XMR not the default 9509

all is well set on the firewall however I am getting following messages:

Unable to Process Queue of Player actions due to 1 of 1 player actions failed
Player action refused by XMR (connected but XMR returned false).

How to overcome this issue? Is there a setting to change manually on either server or client ?

I assume that’s also non-docker installation?

If so, the XMR public and private addresses needs to be in the config.json and the same addresses need to be in CMS settings page as well and of course XMR itself needs to be running.

If you could double check that both addresses are correct and the same in both places, then perhaps you could also issue the rekey action (Displays page -> Edit display -> Advanced tab -> Reconfigure XMR), restart player / wait for it to re-connect.

If it still isn’t working they we might need to see logs your XMR is creating when you try it in the command line.

@peter yes no docker.
In earlier server I had no config.json (1.8.3) and things were working fine.
In 1.8.9 I set the config.json on a separate server and I am using that to serve 2 test CMS (one on 1.8.3 and one 1.8.9)
changes are okay but with long delay. I set something on the layout it takes effect after 3 or 4 minutes. That was not the case before.
Furthermore other issues arisen (I will post them in another thread) .