Windows client cannot locate player

Morning all,

I have a player that cannot locate the media. First time i’ve come across this.

The error in the log is:

UI Thread|21/02/2017 9:23:12 AM|Error|VideoPlayer - ErrorEvent|C:\Player Library\51.mp4. Ex = Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted.

Has anyone come across this before? Thank you kindly in advanced.

Did you check if the file is indeed in the player local library?

The library location in C:\ will require additional permissions to work, but I assume that in general it works fine for you?

Its something to do with the files. Some H.264 files aren’t working correctly.

Other files work fine. Changing them to wmv works ok.

Does Xibo have a content checker similar to broadsign?

I’m sorry I don’t know what broadsign does. Could you please tell us more?

As for content, H264 encoded .mp4 videos are the most android friendly videos, but of course windows media player should be able to play them just fine as well - does it play them fine from player local library? (it needs to be windows media player, not windows media player classic etc).

Broadsign checks content when it is uploaded to ensure it is compatible.

I have this same problem :angry:
I really need to fix this, any ideas how?

This appears very similar to the issue I’m running into (see below referenced topic). Check the mp4 file that xibo creates in the library folder - is the size slightly smaller than the original?

How is the problem the same? The error message, or the fact that certain types of video file wont play?

If the latter - you could start by checking whether windows media player is able to open and play the file (Xibo uses that internally).

From what I know of your issue - your video files are corrupted as they uploaded incorrectly - this may or may not be the same issue (i suspect not though as the OP states using WMV’s works and they are likely to be just as large).

Hi Dan,
the error is the same and the videos are MP4.
MP4 is the most common video which works everywhere.
My problem here is,
i have 3 identical players ( i real mean identical with everything hardware and software), where 2 of the players plays this video but one does not and gives the error described in this post.

I believe Xibo player is somehow breaking the video.

I think that is unlikely - the files are check summed as being the same as the CMS is providing them.

The next steps are to:

If the latter - you could start by checking whether windows media player is able to open and play the file (Xibo uses that internally).

Hi Dan,
i have already did all the checks.
Player has the video but it simply cannot play it neither Windows media player can.
Issue is player related, as mentioned, i have identical players that are installed also by cloning and the player which has stoped playing has been functioning properly before.

The issue comes from nowhere, that was the reason of suspecting of file been somehow corrupted by Xibo player.

My suggestion/hope and wish would be to not use Windows media player at all.
I do very much hope you guys will start using FFMPEG in next 1.9 release which is very reliable and has all needed.

with best regards

Sorry, you didn’t say anywhere that you had done any checking, so I assumed that you didn’t

I can only tell you how the process works - each time the Player connects to the CMS it will receive a new required files list containing the checksum of the files as they are stored on the CMS. If the checksum is different the video file will be deleted and re-downloaded.

For a corrupted video to remain hanging around on the player, it would have to have the same checksum as the un-corrupted copy on the CMS.

If windows media player cannot play the file then Xibo will not be able to either. You could try copying the file as it is across to one of the working players, or another machine altogether and see if it plays. You could also try to MD5 the file and see if it matches the MD5 sent by the CMS (it should - the player already does this)

We’re not wedded to using it and only do so at present for technical reasons. A new Windows Player is unlikely to use it, unless all other options fail.

Hi Dan,
thanks for the response.
The players in question does work normally with videos and the issue is random.
It simply comes up from nowhere suddenly and stops showing videos.

I have tested the video in the other player by copying it from the player where it does not work and the video plays.
The machines are identical with same hardware, same installation.

I have also deleted and re-uploaded the video to CMS which did not help and i also saved the video with different name to the CMS which did not help either.

Interesting - so the video is absolutely fine, its just the player that doesn’t want to show it (even in Windows Media Player directly).

Some statements of fact then:

  • The video works normally, but occasionally will no longer be shown
  • When this happens, windows media player won’t open the file outside of Xibo either
  • Copying the file to another PC and it does Play
  • Renaming the file on the CMS or re-uploading doesn’t work

Do any videos play while the Player is in this error state? Does a reboot solve the issue? Have you managed to do anything to get the video playing again?


Hi Dan,
after this error state, the player plays none of the videos ending with .MP4
After the error,
videos is not shown by xibo nor the media player, media player does not play it either.
Rebooting does not help. I have even re-installed the graphic driver which did not help either.
The only thing which helps is to re-install the player by using the same installation image used to install it from the beginning.

This is indeed a strange issue.

Keep in mind that MP4 is nothing more than a wrapper for the encoded video file, meaning the MP4 video could be encoded in various different video and audio codec, however they’d all be MP4’s. You should try re-encoding the videos in a program such as Adobe Media Encoder or Handbrake with standard H.264 video codec to determine if the video/audio codec is to blame for your issues.

Thanks mate.
could you please describe the standard video codec?