Windows client cannot download files

Hi - i just installed XIBO in docker. And i need some help :slight_smile:
My first question is:
Why is this application runing so slow? I have changed the mem_limit to like 4 gb (in docker-compose.yml) but still its runing so slow.

Secound question is: I have succesfully loaded up the gui and changed the default layout (for test purposes only) I added a windows client and authorized it aswell. I changed Windows display settings (im running in LAN so i removed “Force https” and changed the “Collect interval” to 5 min (for test purposes)
And then when the player is active i can see that it tries to download files to its lib. it just add some files into its lib and quickly deletes/removes them again. and the status in CMS is: “display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server” and in manage i can see the files are pending… Please help and thanks in advice.

Info version
Debian (OMV) os
xibo-cms:latest (3.3.6)

I installed Ubuntu 22.04 and then installed xibo manual and it seems this is working perfect
So my quesiton is now, why this is running slow in a docker variment?

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