Windows client 1.7.8 black screen

HI everybody
PC clients “client 1.7.8, CMS 1.7.8, windows 7, IE 11”

i have a cybercafe and i was trying to use xibo screensaver to display a html5 web page that shows a price list in all computers. i have a default layout with the embed web for all the displays.
In localhost screensaver and client works perfectly with web animations and everything, but in clients it only shows a blackscreen.
the display is licensed and authenticated. If i open the web in internet explorer in all clients shows it perfectly.

thanks in advance

Could you check if Xibo is using IE11? ( Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player )

1.7.8 client does this registry change during installation, so it should be ok.

I assume layout id 6 is the layout you want to display on this client? So it seems that it did download everything it needs.

I assume your webpage is publicly accessible over the internet and all of your clients have internet access?

If we can reach this page, you can export your layout and send to me and I’ll have a look. (upload to dropbox/similar and share the download link with me here or via pm).

hi peter
yes to all
the webpage is on the same server hosting xibo in the same LAN and all the clients have also internet.

here is the link

and i uploaded the page to my hosting provider so you can access it

the layout is setup to acces over the LAN


i edited the layout with the link to the webpage in the hosting server that i just gave to you @Peter and its working perfectly, so i guess is something with layout over LAN.
I`d preffer to have it over lan in case there is no internet the layout keep working.

You could try to have it in embed html module in Xibo perhaps (html, css and scripts).

Or have a copy of this webpage on each PC then in embedded html have an iframe pointing to the local webpage path.

the webpage is actually a php script with some html5 animations included, i need it to be a php because when is loaded it reads a txt to fill the pricelist, and i have a back-end script to update the txt. To run correctly it needs the apache server.