Windows 10 Task Bar

What’s the best solution for preventing the Windows 10 task bar from displaying over the xibo display? When this happens I reboot and it’s fine until I come in the next morning and it’s up gain.

When I use the Alt + Tab to toggle though the open windows, the watchdog is running as an active window in the background. Could that be what’s triggering the taskbar to appear?


It could be, although by default watchdog should not have any active windows open.

ie the default state in which players starts without watchdog active window or status window opened Xibo for Windows should be always in the foreground.

You can set the taskbar to automatically hide in windows settings, but that should not be necessary.

I’ll try the Auto-Hide and see if that works… though I thought I read in another thread that it still popped up when this was set.

What’s odd is that I have three displays and only have the taskbar issue with one of them.


The task bar came up again despite the Auto-Hide property being set and the watchdog window is in the background again.

I guess I need to find out what’s causing the watchdog window to appear?


It should not do that, unless it was explicitly opened, even if it had to restart the player that should only appear as a notification in sys tray not as a new active window.

ie as you have it on your other players.

I certainly could not recreate this locally I’m afraid.

You could try disabling watchdog on this PC and see if that fixes the issue ie confirm that it is indeed watchdog causing the problem.

OK, I’ve disabled the Watchdog and will see if that fixes it.