Windows 10 IoT x64


Has anyone tried the Xibo Player using Windows 10 IoT x64?


On what device please?

If the answer is Raspberry Pi then please have look - Can I run a Xibo Player on my Raspberry Pi (all variants)

I wasn’t thinking of a Raspberry PI. But rather a x64 based NUC but trying to cut costs on the Windows OS.

The Windows IoT x64 is free and DotNet Core can be installed on there.

There are good cheaper players that potentially could be used.


We officially support the full version of Windows 7/8/10 etc

We haven’t tested with IoT.

I believe that the cut down version has no GUI so you may find the Player doesn’t work as expected. I understand others have tried the Enterprise version of IoT and have had success but as I’ve not tried it myself I can’t comment on what does and doesn’t work.

I have all my players running with Windows 10 embedded 64 bit.
I am using regular PC-players and Xibo works real well.

  • daniel


Excellent news. What hardware for the players do you use?


Just so we’re clear, there is no such thing as Windows 10 Embedded. The last version of Windows Embedded was 8. You can see a handy comparison of the versions here:

There’s 10 IoT Enterprise (which is what I think @Bluebell is running) and that is a cut down version of Windows 10 for x86/x64 CPUs. You have to buy licences to get IoT Enterprise.

IoT Core is the free one and that isn’t suitable for running Xibo as far as I’m aware.

Hi Alex,
you are correct,
this one “Windows 10 IoT Enterprise” however is sold as Windows 10 embedded.
I do not know why but, that is how it is sold from/by Microsoft software distributors.

that is what i use with my Xibo player installations in regular PC-Players and this system works real well.
I use the same in Intel Compute Stick as well which also works real well.


Hello Daniel,

What hardware are you using for the regular PC Players?

Can I purchase Windows 10 x64 IoT Enterprise Edition as a regular user?


Hi Alex,

Thank you for the prompt advice.

Xibo is a great product so my thanks to you and the others who make it what it is.

I have used commercial Digital Signage products recently and Xibo in my opinion is great in comparison to those. I am seeing if I can help to get Xibo into community projects and I can give my own time to help. It’s the best open source product I have seen in Digital Signage.


Hi Shadid,
i am using currently Intel’s Atom based Compute stick and,
Aopen DE3250S as players with Windows 10 x64 IoT Enterprise Edition.
Both devices are cost effective and good.
Here are the details for Aopen,

The version of this Windows unfortunately requires partnership account with Microsoft.
You can buy it from Microsoft distributors.

  • daniel

Curious… why something like the device you propose, with the IoT license, versus, say, a little Intel CompuStick?

the AOpen computer has more power/performance.
If you need more power, you can go with a regular pc player such as this Aopen and if you do not need performance, you can simply use the ComputeStick which is cheap and very good.
Compute stick costs around 160 euros including Windows 10 x64 IoT Enterprise Edition.

  • daniel

if you do not need performance, you can simply use the ComputeStick which is cheap and very good.

I’m curious… what counts as “performance” in your application? I ask because I’ve got the 2nd-gen ComputeStick, with the Atom x5 processor, running a multi-region, multi-layout display featuring 1080p full-screen video, ticker crawls, and embedded pages. I don’t see any shearing or lag and my only concern is wireless connectivity, as I’d prefer a hard connection (I’ve been putting off getting a USB LAN dongle for lazy reasons.)

Like, I can’t imagine what else I’d put on the thing that it isn’t already doing with aplomb. What do you need that extra horsepower for?

Maybe Intel puts a markup on them in Europe, but in the U.S., the second-gen stick can be had for $109.00 (96 Euro), and while it doesn’t ship with IoT Enterprise, Windows 10 Home works for me, since I keep these guys off the domain on their own private subnet.

Hi Thomas,
I use regular PC when i need to have 2 screens with 2 different content and when i need to use a touch screen.

ComputeStick does well.

Why not use Ubuntu? It’s free and already supported. You can get 32 or 64 bit versions, and it works great! You “may” need to use version 14 instead of the newest, which I think is 16, but that’s still easy to get / install.

There is no actively developed or supported Player for Ubuntu.

We did have one in the past, however it was discontinued some years ago now:

Has this changed since this was posted? The newest Server software has an option for Windows or Ubuntu players on the welcome screen

- I don’t even see the Android option anymore on this newest software.

Android has never been shown there as it’s a commercial application and not part of the Open Source project. Ubuntu is still listed there incorrectly, although we are planning to support it going forward.

When anything in that regard changes, there will be an announcement made on the project website. Until then, the information in this thread is accurate.