Windows 10 IoT as Xibo Client using Raspberry Pi 3

Hi! I would like to ask if Windows 10 IoT is supported as Xibo Client using Raspberry Pi 3?

Not problem, you can be usage normal.

What client version should we install? And what are the processes involved in installing client on Windows 10 IoT? Is it just the same with the windows 7 client? Thank you!

you can install in exact same way as in Windows 7.
I am currently using Windows 10.

Is Windows 10 IoT(Internet of things) the same as Windows 10?

Windows 10 IoT is the Windows 10 Embedded Enterprise.
It is pretty much same as the Windows 10 Pro but very different than Windows 10 Home.

The Embedded Windows is much better if you are using for production.

Hi bluebell, did you already try using Windows 10 IoT as Xibo client?

i am currently using only Windows 10 embedded Enterprise.


How was it? Is it properly working? Are you using Raspberry Pi too?

I am using Intel Compute Stick and it works very nicely in it.
I have not tried Raspberry Pi yet.

But you are also using Windows 10 IoT (Internet of Things), right?

i am using it with full benefits.
I have my own Windows 10 Embedded image for Intel Compute Stick and few other devices as well.

I think though your Compute Stick will be x86 architecture, whereas the RPi is ARM.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think you’ll be able to run the Xibo Player on an ARM CPU under Windows as it’s built for x86. The only way to know for sure will be for someone with the right hardware to try it.

My Intel Compute Stick is a quad core Intel Atom CPU.
I am running Windows 10 embedded Enterprise OS in it.

The only bad thing with it,
it doesn’t have enough disk space, 32GB Only :frowning:
32GB is however not a problem.

OK, and an Atom CPU is x86 architecture. So my concerns stand.

More details,

Intel has a Stick with i3 CPU which is much better.

Just checked the specs,
it should work depending on the material you display in it.
I am just guessing because i have not yet tested this myself.

I have been testing lot of different type of regular low cost players and also compute sticks.

That suggests that I’m right - the Player which is an x86 application won’t run on the ARM v7 CPU.

It also says Windows 10 IoT doesn’t support Windows Forms applications (the Xibo Player is a Windows Forms application), so my money is on it not working.

If you already have the hardware, why not just try it?!

Ok Alex, we will try it on RPi. Thank you so much! Thanks also daniel @Bluebell :slight_smile:

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