Windows 10 and Powerpoint

I’m new on xibo, but it is a very good software.
So my problem is :

On windows 10 the player start the powerpoint, but in the backgroud tell me "Save or Open file… "

i’ve tryed the software FileTypesMan and set “Open this file type immediately after download, without confirmation” but dosen’t work on Windows 10

Someone can help me ? ( don’t tell me…convert to video… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks in advance.

Convert to a video is certainly an option, that’s something we generally suggest.

That being said, the registry changes here
and here PowerPoint media items show a "Navigation Cancelled" error when running on the Windows Player / PowerPoint brings up an Open Dialog

Have you added all of that already?

It should get rid of those pop ups and PowerPoint should be played fine on the Xibo for Windows player - assuming full PowerPoint is installed and that it is enabled in the display profile assigned to your player, but I think you’ve already done that.