Window schedule task for maintenance.php (0x01 or 0xff instead of 0x00)

Hello Folks,

In Window XP, 32 bit home with php 5.4.17, when command in window scheduled task, is executed: c:\php\php-win.exe -f c:\path\to\Xibo\maintenance.php secret
status after run is 0x01, if path\to is changed to the actual location (for example, c:\temp\xibo), status is is 0xff. it never get the 0x00, even though c:\php\php.exe is executed, the result is the same.

I do not know what else could be changed in window scheduled task.

Your support would be appreciated.


It’s best to use wget or curl and call the maintenance script via the webserver in my experience


c:\path\to\where\you\save\wget.exe http://localhost/xibo/maintenance.php?key=secret

I believe the manual details this too

Hello Alex

Based on your command, 0xff is changed to 0x00. Also, please review attached file displaying the result of maintenance.php in D

OS command. .

Would you describe it at a little bit?
For example, 100%[========================]309
maintenance.php@key=secret.1’ saved[309/309]
I do not look at maintenance.php, but I would like to understand the description in the attached file.
I would appreciate for your support.


wget is a command line tool that downloads a webpage to a local file - so what it’s doing is running maintenance.php on the server, and saving the output to a local file.

The 100%[====== etc is the progess bar as the download progresses.

You may want to have it discard the output, so it’s not creating loads of files on your server. If so, change your command as follows (again, I believe this is covered in the manual):

wget.exe -O NUL http://localhost/xibo/maintenance.php?key=secret

Hello Alex

According to the manual, wget command is used in the Unix Server. It sound like parts of manual would be helpful for professional user, not novice, like me. In Window Scheduled Task, php-win.exe is used.

Anyway, you are saying, " saving the output to a local file."
if keeping this command, c:\path\to\where\you\save\wget.exe http://localhost/xibo/maintenance.php?key=secret
Can I access the file name? what kind of file name should I look at?
Or, Is command changed as defining file name: for example,
c:\path\to\where\you\save\wget.exe c:\temp\filename.txt(i guess) http://localhost/xibo/maintenance.php?key=secret


By default it saves as maintenance.php@key=secret, maintenance.php@key=secret.1, maintenance.php@key=secret.2 etc - the number incrementing each time it runs.

You don’t want or need those saved, so you should add -O NUL to redirect the output to the Windows NUL device (ie discard it) per my previous reply.

You can look at those files if you want. They’ll contain the same output as you’d see if you called the maintenance script manually in a web browser. If you continue without cleaning them up, then in time your hard drive will fill up completely.

Hello Alex

Thank you…