White Screen of death?

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to Xibo and I have a interesting problem and I hope that someone might be able to help out.

my Xibo computers have been running and display properly for sometime know, but sometime yesterday they started to display only a blank white Background, my xibo computers run Windows 7 enterprise 64 bit, has anyone else ran into this issue?

What I’ve tried so far:

  • turning client on and off
  • rebooting the machine
    -uninstalling quicktime and reinstalling it
  • importing reg keys for all users


Can you press i on the keyboard to open the client information screen? It should show you a little more what is going on inside the player.

When I press “I” nothing seems to happen, just a blank white screen, is there another way for me to get to the client information page?

Have you changed the client information key from the default in Display Settings? I’m guessing not, but worth checking.

Does the player show as logged in on the Displays page in the CMS?

I’m not really sure what might be happening - I’ve not experienced this issue myself.

No it should be the default as far as I know, is there another way to get to client information?

Also yes the player show as logged in on the display page in the CMS.

im going to give uninstalling the client and reinstalling it, hopefully that will help.

Client information is only accessible through the keyboard shortcut unfortunately. Can you check what is scheduled on it? and perhaps schedule a very simple layout to see if anything changes?

I had this same issue.
If left, it eventually caused a windows exception and could be Ignored or aborted.
Couldn’t access any information - but it looked as if there was an error loading a layout or grabbing an image.
I deleted the layouts and reset everything - did the job, but still worrying.
I’ve later found that firefox isn’t ideal for uploading content - it compresses the files and sometimes doesn’t place them into the database (weird, I know…)
The file is visible via FTP on the server AND client, but not available to select. But, if uploaded using crome I had no issues.

Try reset everything and start again but only using the latest version of crome

If the white screen results in an exception, it would be great to know what that exception is… otherwise I am out of ideas really

I’ll be back on site in a few weeks time, I’ll see if I can re-create the issue and save the log for you

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Ours were caused by the default layout not existing and it sent the player into a loop, which eventually killed itself with the windows exception
(No content scheduled and no default layout)
This was fixed by assigning a default layout

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Hey guys,

Thanks for your reply’s, im sorry this took so long for me to get back to you guys, I figured out it had something to do with the version of quicktime we where using, when I updated the quicktime the whitescreen would disappear and display what was need to be displayed.

Again thanks for your time and help on this.

Cheers, Joshua.