White planes with xibo on android

Hello I have some strange things happening with my Xibo setup.
I’m running Xibo cms 2.3.6 on linux in docker container and my android is a dscs9 with latest android version. I have almost every day white planes on my screen were there should be text or other things.
So it is a very simple setup no special things.
I hope anyone can help


What happens if you try swapping to another Layout with just some text on it. Does it do the same?

I have a campaign setup with more layouts and they all show the same white planes.
Only the rtsp streams shows correct.
Powering the android dscs9 on and off does help but that is a bit difficult because the Monitor is mounted in a box for anti theft purposes.
My first setup was stolen.

What setting have you got for “Use Surface View”, which is in the Advanced tab of the Display Settings profile?

This is in advanced settings.

Could you therefore try disabling surface view?

On a side note, if accessing your Player is difficult you could set up a ‘reboot command’. This is covered in one of our online training courses, available here: https://training.xibosignage.com/p/admin-essentials which is free to all users.

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I changed that setting. But the reboot command does’t work.
I followed this guide

But none of the commands mentioned seem to work.

Already found the solution to the reboot problem. Enabled XMR in the display profile settings and enabled port 9505 in the firewall.
Now the command “svc power reboot” works fine.

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Back again, same problem yesterday I again had those white areas in my regions were supposed to be should be text.
This is after one week of no problems at all.
I just did an update now to android V207.
Should I leave surface view disabled or not ???

Please do pass on a copy of your layout so we can test this and investigate further for you.

If possible, could you export this Layout and attach it so we can test this on our DSDevices?

Thank you

I tried that but the website doesn’t allow me to upload zip files.
Only jpg pdf etc is supported.

You can upload your export on https://transfer.xibo.org.uk and then paste the link here - we will get it from there. If you’d rather noone else saw it you can PM the link to Natasha.

SurfaceView (in Display Settings Profiles) only effects Video Widgets and has no effect on images, text, etc.

All text in Xibo is shown as web content, meaning the white squares (which you’ve said are text) will be trying to run in little embedded web browsers.

It looks to me like the embedded browser is missing completely, as opposed to being loaded but empty. In either case this shouldn’t happen.

As this is a commercial player, if you’d rather contact the Help Desk (support.xibosignage.com) then you are very welcome to do that - your response on there will be quicker than on this community forum. We monitor it as much as we can, but its a community rather than a support system.



Link to files:

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I’ve imported your Layout, thanks.

If I had to take an educated guess, then I would say the embedded weather radar you have is causing some sort of memory leak.

The easy way to test this out is to remove that Region completely and see if the problem reoccurs. Please can you do that?

I also have your Layout running here now to try and reproduce.

Many thanks,

Oke thanks for testing. Will remove the weather radar.

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Just FYI I’ve been running your layout (with weather radar) for 24 hours now, and its still OK. Will continue the test over the weekend.

That’s the same as I see. It was running for a week and suddenly I had those white areas. This was after I disabled surface view. With surface view enabled I had these white areas almost every day. After the update to R207 android version I didn’t had the problem so far.

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