White label administration

I just purchased a white label CMS theme for my on premise instance. I have read through the documentation and haven’t been able to find an answer to a couple of questions. How do I fill out a Alternative Provision of Licence form? Also I can’t find much information at all on the optional exported layouts. Do I need to do this for each layout I want my logo on? Lastly, Is this build a one time thing or can I reuse it for new layouts?

You need to email support@springsignage.com to get a copy of the Alternative Provision of Licence form.

The layouts section of the theme is simply a list of layouts that will be imported when the theme is applied to Cloud-hosted CMS instances, in place of the standard Xibo default layout. You can upload one or more layouts there that you want to appear in each of your Cloud-hosted CMS instances.

You can rebuild the theme as often as you like, however you won’t be able to change the main theme name once you have built it for the first time, since these are charged per branding.

Alot of the concepts are explained here: