When will the player delete downloaded pictures?


I would like to know when the player deletes the downloaded images.

In my environment,
・cms 2.2.1
・player v2-201
・Only one layout is scheduled.
・There is only one dynamic playlist in this.
・The image uses the same file name and is updated regularly.
・I am not using media replacement. To avoid naming conflicts when updating media, files are deleted and then added.

As a result, the layout and playlist don’t change, only the images inside are replaced.

There are a lot of images in the data storage area of the player.
However, these images don’t seem to accumulate forever. It has been deleted at some point.
Is there something like a threshold and are you deleting based on it?
I want to know when the downloaded image was deleted.

I look forward to your reply.


We keep all files in “required files” (those files the Player thinks it needs to show its scheduled content). Once a file drops from there, we keep it for 2 days from when it was last accessed.

If you wanted to change this you could by updating the default.config.xml file in the Player install folder. The setting is LibraryAgentInterval.


Thank you for your reply.
I set it in the way you told me.

What happens if [LibraryAgentInterval] is set to 0?
Will the old file be deleted immediately?

I tried this with LibraryAgentInterval = 0.
After replacing the content on the cms side, the player’s file location was monitored.
At the time of player acquisition, the old images remained forever. During this time, requiredFiles.xml continued to be updated, but the old image was not removed.
When I tried restarting the player, old pictures were deleted.

When I did the same test with LibraryAgentInterval = 1, it was not deleted when I restarted. (I think it is because it has not been a day since the image became unnecessary.)

I understand that requiredFiles.xml and LibraryAgentInterval determine what to delete and how many days to retain it, but I would like to know what events trigger the deletion.

While the Player is running, a background process runs every 15 minutes to make the assessment as to whether files need deleting.

If you set the interval to 0 then I would guess that as soon as the 15 minutes is over, it will delete unused files.

You can completely disable deletion by adjusting the EnableExpiredFileDeletion setting in the default.config.xml file.

Hope that helps.

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It is very helpful.
I really appreciate your work.
Thank you.

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