What is STS and how it's works?


i woud like to ask about STS .

as image above
i want to know STS parameter and how to use this Parameter
and as noted below STS parameter at image, STS related to HTTPS
so how exactly the relation between STS and HTTPS ?

Thank you

STS means “Strict Transport Security”.

If you enable it, then Xibo will output a header which modern web browsers will look for, which means that it will be impossible for them to subsequently connect to the CMS over an unencrypted connection.

The STS timeout defines how long in seconds the browser should refuse to connect for.

We set that default very low, so if people tick it accidentally, then they don’t get themselves locked out of a CMS that has no SSL setup in place.

Assuming you have SSL setup, or are using Cloud where SSL is always available, you can tick that box and set a higher number there - eg 31536000 seconds, which is 1 year. Once that is in place, if you try and access the CMS from your browser over http connections, then the browser itself will automatically swap you to an https connection before it attempts to connect to the webserver.

You can read more about it here: