What is Priority while scheduling a layout


What is happing while sending a layout with priority tick.

It is used to, well, prioritise scheduled events ie if a player has a schedule containing events which are all priority 0(unchecked), then all of the events will be shown in rotation together.

If one of the events has a priority of 1(checked), then this event will have priority over events with priority 0 ie it will be fully shown for the scheduled amount of time and after it finishes player will go back to displaying events with priority 0 - or default layout if schedule will be empty.

@Peter, you said used to… Does that mean it doesn’t work anymore? I currently have a layout with a high priority (100) in 1.8-beta on Android 1.6 R61 that is not suppressing the layout with priority 0. I can’t decide if it’s a bug or if I missed something.

so in 1.7 it either checked or unchecked (0 1)

In 1.8 you can set the priority to more than just binary 0 or 1.

So yeah event with higher priority should be displayed over events with lower priority.

I too have been trying to puzzle the logic between the Display Order and Priority.

As I understand, if you have 3 layouts. Layout-A, Layout-B and Layout-C, and they are all scheduled to run on a certain day between 08:00 and 10:00 (same time slot) then If you set Layout-A to Order 1, Layout-B tor Order 2 and Layout-C for Order 3, then They will display in that order one after another. In other words in the ORDER that they are listed in the Display Order field. 1 plays first, then 2 plays next etc.

However the Priority seems to work the opposite.

For instance if we display during the day (08:00 - 17:00) a layout displaying the calendar events for the day, and during that day we want to insert a special layout like “Silence! Exams in Progress” ONLY during a part of the day, then Priority can be used to display that special layout during the time.

The higher the number of the Priority the more important it is. IOW, a layout with a priority of 2 has a higher priority than a layout with a priority of 1.

This in my opinion is counter-intuitive to me as logic dictates that something that has “first” (1st) priority is more important than something that is “second” (2nd)

Am I right in my understanding of Display Order vs Priority?

You’re correct in your understanding.

The reason it works that way around is that if it worked as you suggest (where priority 1 is highest), you’d need to know at the outset how many levels of priority you’ll ever need when you schedule your first item.

In general, you use priority to override something existing, so say all your existing content was scheduled with priority 2, and then you add something like “Silence exams in progress” as priority 1, but then you also need to interrupt that with something more urgent (some integrations trigger for fire alarms etc) then you’ve nowhere to go other than changing the priority on everything already scheduled.

Doing it the other way around means you can always add one one level of priority without changing your existing scheduling.

Display ordering is simply an ordering measure. I’d advise you use campaigns though if the playout order is important to you as that’s much easier to manage.