What happens if I can not activate ZeroMQ in my hosting?

What happens if I can not activate ZeroMQ in my hosting?

What resources will I lose?

You loose all Player actions functions - so no scheduled commands, no screenshot, no real-time push messages for faster Player updates etc.

Okay, but the features that already existed in version 1.7 still work right?

There is no other way to implement this feature without the need for ZeroMQ, apparently the hosts do not offer this feature in shared plans.

Its time to change your host if you wish to use advanced functions of Xibo 1.8

As it stands now yes (although you lose the ability to request a screenshot as I said earlier).

As time goes on though, it’s likely there will be a greater reliance on ZeroMQ for CMS to Player communications.

What shared hosting do you suggest?
I currently use the hostgator.

I do not want to use a vps.

You cannot use XMR with shared hosting, so we don’t recommend any shared hosting for Xibo.

You need a hosting solution that allows you to run long-running daemons on random ports. That’s not something a typical shared hosting permits.

You’re looking for managed VPS or application hosting. Xibo has their ‘cloud’ hosting, not sure whether that fulfills your needs. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your options.