What are the ways to write of CMS Adress?

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I want to realize a digital signage via Xibo software on some TV screens. I’ve downloaded xibo-server-170-rc1.tar, xibo-client-1.7.4-win32-x86 and installed Xibo. However, I’ve inserted nothing in CMS Address and key when Xibo Player Options window has opened although I gave some admin user key during an installation. Then I’ve tried to add a display IP and Mac Address with Azure. However,as it is possible only from the client side, I have started to install Xibo client server on another computer. But I don’t know what I must insert as a CMS address and key by a side of client. (I’ve not done it also by a side of server)

I’m a new in Xibo topic. Will be glad for any help.


1.7.0-rc1 is very old and isn’t even the latest stable 1.7 version. We can’t offer you any ongoing support for that version.

You should upgrade to at least 1.7.10 or better still 1.8.7 if you want support from the project.

The URL will depend on how you’ve installed the server. Broadly it’ll be the same URL you enter to log in to Xibo. So if the login page is at http://ip.address/xibo, then you’d enter http://ip.address/xibo in the Player settings.