What are Campaigns

Hi Could you explain me brief about campaigns and how to use and how it woks please

Campaigns are there to group layouts in a ordered lists.

So while you can schedule each layout separately and set appropriate time or display order, in some cases it might be easier to add layouts to a campaign, set them in order you want them to be displayed and then create one event and schedule whole campaign.

More info, screenshots can be found here - http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/layouts_campaigns.html

May You tell me How to Schedule a campaigns in xibo player please

I think in your previous topic you were able to schedule a single layout, right?
Scheduling a campaign is very similar, but instead of a single layout you will select a campaign from the Layout/Campaign dropdown.

So if you already have your campaign created, it will be available to select from the dropdown on the Schedule page in CMS

You can also schedule it using the ‘Schedule Now’ feature from the Campaigns page in CMS.
Select ‘Schedule Now’ from the row edit menu (in red square in the screenshot below)

Thanks For the Info ,

i did the same. My campaign contains total 7 videos but my player is playing only one video that i was added earlier

Could you tell/show me how did you schedule it?
Is it possible that the earlier scheduled event was set to display for a few days?
Is it possible that your layout has some long durations?

Screenshot of status window on your device should help too.

I m scheduling the campaign through schedule now option in edit button as you showed earlier.
But in the client player it was not playing all the videos

In displays tab i had given licence approval to client to play ,By default it taking one video and playing, it was not my scheduled videos

Hi Peter,
I understood that by creating a campaign. But where do you set the time of each layout? In Campaign, I can only enter the start and end time … but where do I tell the Campaign how long the individual layouts should run?

Thank you for an info.

You can’t. Campaigns just group layouts together. The schedule dictates when all the layouts in the campaign run.