Welcome our first Mentor badge holder - Paulo Borges!


As a valuable member of our Xibo Hall of Fame, I am very happy to award Paulo with the silver badge for this group, the Xibo Mentor badge!

Paulo has continued to be a great community member, not only to the Xibo team with v4 beta feedback but to many of our Xibo users by assisting with issues and sharing his knowledge to continually support the Community forum.

To find out more about @pitoco02 and his Xibo journey, I invited him to complete a short Q&A to share with the community :

Q&A with Paulo Borges

How did you first hear about / was introduced to Xibo?

My first interaction with Xibo was in 2017 when I joined a Digital Signage company that used Xibo 1.7 as a tool!

What is the approx size of your Xibo network and what types of Player do you use?

My network of players now has about 2,000 players, with approximately 70% being Android players and around 30% being Windows.

Which User type best describes your role when working with Xibo? (Developer, Display Management, Content Management etc.)

My current role aligns well with what is called an ‘Administrator.’ I handle all the server setup and necessary adjustments to ensure Xibo runs smoothly in my production environments, in addition to working on the front-end and support.

What are your top 3 most used Xibo features?

My users primarily use: Layout Editor, Campaigns, and the Schedule menu. In that order. Whereas my support team primarily uses: Displays menu, Schedule menu, and the Layout Editor (particularly with regard to Datasets, HTML, etc.)

What advice would you give to a new user just starting out with Xibo?

My advice for a user would be to focus on the platform’s basic functions, such as uploading content, creating playlists, and scheduling content. Additionally, make sure you have good devices to run the Xibo Players.
For an Administrator: read the documentation carefully, but you’ll find most answers in the community. Focus on keeping your server as stable as possible, and ensure your devices are of high quality.

What would be at the top of your wish list for inclusion to the Xibo software?

Some things are equally at the top of priorities: High Quality preview system | Completely stable Linux player

A huge thank you to Paulo for being such a great example of what the Xibo Community is all about!

Our community is so much more than just a support resource but also a great place for users to connect and discuss shared interests. We look forward to reading your posts and to welcoming more members to our Xibo Hall of Fame :slight_smile:


It’s great to hear that you’ve earned our first Mentor badge! Well done, Paulo! @pitoco02

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Thank you @pitoco02! Congratulations.

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It’s been a pleasure speaking with you over the years @pitoco02 - this mentor badge is well deserved!

Thanks for keeping us on track here too!! :smile:

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Good afternoon, everyone!
I apologize for the delay in responding! I was on a short vacation :smiley:
Thank you very much for all the support and recognition here in the Community! I am extremely happy.
I hope we can help each other more and more!
Count on me, thank you!


Congratulations @pitoco02 , it’s an honor to be able to work with you!

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Hi Paulo, Congratulations. It’s always a pleasure to read your comments. See you

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